Hi, I'm Becky founder of Bobbin & Belle. 

I originally trained as an illustrator at Coventry University, having always loved art and design. However, after graduating my interest in textile design developed and  I began working towards creating Bobbin & Belle. 

The name comes from the combined connotations of the words 'Bobbin' from sewing machines. Conjuring up thoughts of craft, textiles and my Grandmother's experience as a seamstress passed down through my mother to me. And 'Belle' from the French word for beautiful, as I believe not only in beautiful design but also in ethical production which is very important to me. All products sold by Bobbin & Belle are either hand made by myself or made in Britain. 

The process of generating a design will often involve a lot of time spent exploring the countryside around my home and trying to travel further a field when I can to coastal areas or The Peak District and Cumbria as I am most likely to feel creative in these places; and focus on a particular animal. I'll spend time sketching and studying the colours and physiology of the particular animal I'm focusing on. I also enjoy learning about the behaviour and habitat so as to better understand it as a whole. 

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